Egg products LIOT

LIOT, le meilleur de l'œuf

A quick and practical solution for pastry and restaurant professionals.

Based in France, Liot “le meilleur de l’oeuf” offers a wide range of products that effectively meet the requirements of professionals.

Logo Eurovo Service Élite

Eurovo Service

Eurovo Service liquid egg products are made in France by Liot, using eggs from Liot farms.

These are pasteurized and refrigerated liquid eggs that do not contain additives and preservatives, and that guarantee food safety and the functionality expected by professionals.

Egg products LIOT

Eurovo Service Élite

Eurovo Service Elite liquid egg products are produced in France by Liot, from eggs from Liot free-range farms.
These selected eggs coming from a controlled sector meet the evolution of the customers’ demands (animal and social welfare) while ensuring food safety and the functionalities expected by professionals.

Logo Le Naturelle

le Naturelle

le Naturelle, the Group’s brand with the widest range of eggs, egg products and egg derivatives, meeting the needs of all consumers and professionals.

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The innovation of ProUp is contained in its formula based on egg white, a treasure trove of precious nutritional properties such as minerals (sodium, potassium and magnesium), B vitamins and proteins, including ovalbumin, which make up the 80%.
ProUp is a real “sip of protein”: each 250 ml bottle, in fact, contains 20 g, equal to 40% of the average daily requirement. Furthermore, the high percentage of fruit, equal to 20%, makes this drink unique among the many proposals on the market.